What is website structure and planning?

Aditya Raj Singh

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Website structure and planning is the process of organizing the content and architecture of a website in a way that supports its goals and objectives. The website structure is the skeletal framework of the site, consisting of the main navigation, supporting pages, and content.

The website architecture is the way in which the different elements of the website are interconnected. A well-designed website will have a clear structure and architecture that makes it easy for users to find the information they are looking for.

The process of website structure and planning begins with an analysis of the website's goals and objectives. Once the goals and objectives are understood, the next step is to determine the target audience for the site.

This information is used to develop a site map, which is a diagram of the website's structure. The site map is used to identify the pages and content that need to be created or acquired in order to support the website's goals.

The final step in website structure and planning is to create a navigation system that will help users move through the site in an efficient and effective manner.

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