Who Can Become a Stallion Cognitive Partner?

Aditya Raj Singh

Last Update 2 jaar geleden

We encourage you to join our partner program if you’re our existing/old client, a designer, developer, freelancer, or a business owner. We welcome any business with the ability to make direct referrals to their professional network.

That being said, we’re selective. We manually screens each applicant’s. There are some common reasons why we reject partnerships.

  • Freelancers or agencies without a significant amount of relevant content
  • Websites under construction or unfinished
  • Websites without their own domain name
  • Websites that display lists of tools or services with no further information
  • Coupons and deals websites

We do not accept websites that contain adult material, unlawful or inappropriate content, or content that is banned or prohibited in any of the countries where we do business.

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